Advertise in our magazines
Advertise in our magazines

The fastest and most effective way to reach the public visiting Ibiza or interested in Ibiza is to publish your ads in the two magazines published by SIMAR IBIZA. That simple. In the mouth of any other it would sound to swagger. In our case almost is false modesty.

In each issue of the magazine Ushuaïa, ÏU MAGAZINE, 60,000 copies are made of which 40,000 are distributed on the island. The rest goes to the waiting rooms of the main European airports, the aircrafts of AIR EUROPA and the Balearia ferries. Consider that in Spain the two magazines that more copies take the street are Interviú with a circulation of 90,000 and the next, Cinemania, launches only 45,000 magazines. That is, during the summer season ÏU MAGAZINE magazine is the second most popular magazine in Spain. Not only that.ÏU MAGAZINE is a magazine that is distributed free and  that is the reason, among other things, that each issue reaches 10 readers at least. So we are talking about 600,000 people who are not only found in Ibiza, but living throughout Europe and America.

The term free does not mean that the magazine "surrenders" to it. It is not a collection of advertisements that the client browses and then throws away without interest because "only come out ads." ÏU MAGAZINE has more than 200 pages of high quality. It has ads, of course, because the printing must be paid somehow. But at the same time it is full of items of interest that touch all topics that attract readers with high level of purchasing. Being in Ibiza or anywhere else in the world.

The same can be said of PALLADIUM MAGAZINE, distributed in 52 hotels that the chain has in the whole world. Fashion, lifestyle, technology, travel ... all can be sold in our magazines. Simply insert an ad and a spark of interest occurs quickly amongst readers. Someone who reads and test a product in Ibiza may take it with him to New York, to Paris, to London... It is not uncommon that our business magazines starts a business-to-business. And it all starts with a brief ad insertion someone glanced distractedly at a local Ibiza ...

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