Ibiza, the off-season hotspot for your business events
Ibiza, the off-season hotspot for your business events

In Ibiza, a few metres from the centre of Santa Eularia des Riu, a few kilometers from the port and airport there is the Congress Palace of Ibiza. With a long experience in organizing activities, this Palace is specialised in the realisation of events, sectoral and multisectoral fairs, institutional events, conventions and concerts. However, the island has not emerged as an ideal place for business. Maybe it's logical. In summer season accommodation prices are too high and infrastructure are dedicated one hundred percent to the attention of tourists. Even though prices would be assumable by companies, it would be weird to see business men wearing suits and ties next to hordes of visitors in bikini and flip-flops.

But the fact remains that the infrastructure of the island does not disappear off season. The airport is still there, as well as the port, expressways, hotel beds and of course the sun, the beach and the sea. Contrary to what happens in the cities of business, prices fall in Ibiza a lot off-season, so they become appealing for business people. We have an airport well connected to the rest of Spain and Europe. A port with direct connections to the major cities of Mediterranean. A huge number of hotels  to a more than reasonable price off-season. And as we have seen, a conference centre ready to host large conventions and meetings.

Ibiza not only offers the basic services required by all conference or business meeting, but also more than 300 days of sunshine and an unparalleled nightlife, which is important not only in summer but also for businessmen who want to break free from the tension of meetings and presentations whatever the time of year.

Simar Ibiza organises all kinds of events and meetings in Ibiza, including business ones. Many customers are surprised by how easy it is everything that in other locations is complicated: out of season there is room to spare and transportation is excellent, not to mention that Ibiza is always Ibiza. Or maybe out of season, it is still more Ibiza.

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